PANASONIC HMC150 Video Camera FOOTAGE (and similar):

STEP 1 > When using a card reader:

STEP 1 > When connecting directly to the camera:


STEP 2 > Encoding:

  1. Be sure you have a SCRATCH folder setup in your documentary_project folder (you may want to copy this folder over to each of your group's hard drives so that you all have your encoded video files too, as well as render files, in addition to the raw card files).

  2. Open up Final Cut Pro.

  3. When you open it up, SET THE SCRATCH DISK! This is where the footage files encoded for FCP will go, so make sure that it’s going in the scratch folder of your documentary_project folder!

  4. In FCP, click “Easy Setup” under the FCP file menu at upper left. From the drop-down list, choose "Apple ProRes 422." That is, make sure the format is set to whatever your project is, which most likely is:

    > Format: Apple ProRes 422
    > Use: Custom Setup

    > This preset will be for 24p video (23.98 fps)
    > 1920 x 1080 size (assuming you shot in 1080 HD)
    > Pixel aspect ratio: Square
    > Audio: 48 kHz / 16-bit

  5. Finally, click “LOG & TRANSFER” from the FCP File menu.

  6. Click the little browse icon at the upper left and browse to your “PRIVATE” folder (whichever private folder you'd like to encode).

  7. You can either set ins and outs here on your footage, OR, until I teach you to do that, just select all the clips in the top and click “Add Selection to Queue (or just drag them to the bottom frame).

  8. They will then start encoding. Wait until they’ve completed before you start working with the files. When they’re complete, they’ll appear in your logging bin in FCP.

  9. When the first one comes in, you’ll want to check out the item properties to make sure it brought your footage in at 1920 x 1080px (if you shot in 1080p) and that the frame rate is 23.98 (it may say 24 here, or it may say 23.98). Sound should be 48khz.