Here are some steps to follow in order to burn your DVD:

  1. Buy a DVD (probably a few in case something happens).

Export the DVD version of your project:

  1. Under the FCP file menu, click “Export Using Compressor.

  2. When Compressor opens, you’ll see several folders. Under “Apple” you should see one that says “DVD.” In there you’ll find one that says “DVD: Best Quality 90 Minutes.

  3. Drag that WHOLE folder (DVD: Best Quality 90 Minutes) on top of the FCP project that you see in the window at the top (you’ll see the little FCP slate icon).

  4. You’ll notice when you do that that it’ll divide your movie into two files: Dolby Digital (sound) and MPEG-2 (video).

  5. In the file menu above, click under “Target” to “Destination.” Specify where you want your files to be saved. I generally make a folder in my drive called “Exports” where I’d put my vimeo file export, as well as my DVD authoring export. One you do that, you can just hit SUBMIT at the bottom right! That’s it! You can rename it there, but otherwise, when you hit SUBMIT again, it’ll start going. When it’s complete, you’ll see the two files in your exports folder (or wherever you put them).

Using DVD STUDIO PRO (to author the DVD):

  1. Open DVD studio Pro

  2. Save your project somewhere on your drive (probably in your “exports” folder where the DVD-ready files are).

  3. Select “Window” –> “Configurations” –> “Basic.”

  4. Click on the “Graphical” tab.

  5. You’ll see “Menu 1″ and “Track 1.″

  6. Click on “Menu 1″ and hit DELETE.

  7. Go under the File menu, select “File” –> “Import” –> “Assets”

  8. Select your two DVD-bound files (there will be a .m2v and a .ac3 file).

  9. The “Assets” tab will open up. If it doesn’t, select “Window” –> “Assets.”

  10. You’ll see your two files in the assets tab. Take both, and drag and drop them on “Track 1″ in the graphical menu above.

  11. Open up the Outline window (“Window” –> “Outline.”)

  12. Click on your DVD (it’ll say “UNTITLED_DISC)

  13. In the disc tab, rename it your video name.

  14. Under “First Play” select your track (“Tracks and Stories,” –> “Track 1″).

  15. That’s it!

  16. Click “Simulate” on your project to make sure it works. If so, you’ll select “Burn.”

  17. It’ll ask you to insert your DVD, et voila!